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How do I perform a system data recovery ?
This process assumes that your original PC has failed and you need to install Auto Workshop Manager on an alternate PC

If you are using a version prior to V1.55 then please contact us for assistance by raising a support ticket.

You will need the following to perform a system recovery.

1. A recent backup from Auto Workshop Manager

2. You will need to download the latest version of Auto Workshop Manager from our website
3. Your registration details, these can be obtained from us

To perform a system recovery:

1. Install the new version of Auto Workshop Manager

2. Copy your backup data to the new computer this must be copied to the c:\backup folder

3. Open Workshop Manager and click the enter registration button

4. once registration has been added click the Support button on the top menu bar and selection option 6 Perform system recovery

You should now have a working version of Auto Workshop Manager, the data held within Auto Workshop Manager will only be as current as your last backup.
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